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Arrington Performance HEMI Engines are known for their power and reliability. You can start with one of our standard blocks (forged 392, forged 345, 426 stroker) or get one built just for your application. The Arrington engine builders pour all of their NASCAR engine building knowledge into each HEMI engine they produce. Koukla samoyeds
Paramount Performance Transmissions, NAG 1 (722.6) Stage 1 55 Series Blueprinted High Torque Capacity Transmission PPT-NAG1. $2,849.95. Quick View ...

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722.6 Transmission Master Overlap Valve Sleeve Kit Sonnax 68942-05K. ... 722.6 Transmission Master Rebuild Kit with Stage 1 Performance Friction Plates. $534.89.

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Paramount Performance Transmissions, NAG 1 (722.6) Stage 1 55 Series Blueprinted High Torque Capacity Transmission PPT-NAG1. $2,849.95. Quick View ...

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Sep 27, 2017 · None of the manuals I've seen contain those and independent suppliers don't differentiate between NAG1 and 722.6 parts, let alone special clutches capable of handling 600+ HP from the factory. That said, the new Alto clutch offering may just be a game changer.

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Last up for the 722.6 high performance clutch pack improvements- the K-1 drum which is responsible for making the 1-2 shift. Lots of extra clutches, green high energy lining… More details on the 722.6, Nag1, W5A580 performance transmissions 722.6 k-1 Clutch Drum Upgrade

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Get the best top-quality performance with a rebuilt 722.6 transmission from Certified with OEM parts that beats original factory performance specifications

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The Mercedes 722.6 transmission made its first debut here in the United States in 1996. It is used behind 4, 6, 8 and 12 cylinder gasoline engines, as well as their diesel engines. It is their first completely computer controlled transmission and their first to have a transmission with a converter clutch.

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The 722.6 automatic is used in many Mercedes Benz as well as the Porsche 996/997 Twin Turbo and the Chrysler SRT8 products such as the Grand Cherokee, Challenger, Charger, 300 and Viper SRT10. Our performance technicians can also build a transmission manual or automatic to suit your needs.

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The Mercedes-Benz 722.6 is an electronically-controlled 5-speed automatic transmission. News Forums Info Service Mercedes-Benz 722.6 5G-TRONIC Automatic Transmission (Electronic)

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Joyner Sand Viper 250cc - 2008-9 - Engine Rack and Transmission Joyner Sand Viper 250cc - 2008-9 - Engine Assembly Joyner Sand Viper 250cc - 2008-9 - Exhaust, Shifter, and Brake

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Sonnax Transmission parts for Mercedes 722.6 applications. Sonnax is an industry leader in the cutting edge design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality products to the automotive aftermarket, commercial vehicle industries, and industrial sectors utilizing drivetrain technology.

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